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[KA] Fujiwara Setsuna

"Str.... Stranger Danger!! QAQ"

Fujiwara (last) Setsuna (first)
節 [setsu] (melody) + 菜 [na] (vegetables, greens).
Nickname: Fujiwara, Setsuna, Setsu, Tuna
Gender: Female
Age: 16 yo
Birthday: 3rd March (pisces)
Height/Weight: (last time she checked) 170cm / 53kg

Year: 2
Class: ??
Idol Group: Tenshi
Main Attribute: Pure
CV: Yuna Ito (… )
Clubs: Volleyball Club

+ singing
+ umbrellas (she collects them)
+ small girl and boy (she think they’re cute and envy them)
+ long skirt
+ baking
+ Her Family
+ Scented Candles
+ Flowers
+ Terrarium
+ Feeding birds
+ nujabes (Japanese hip hop producer and DJ with approach to hip hop beats, often blending jazz influences into songs creating a mellow, nostalgic and atmospheric sound)
+ sad song
+ basketball
+ romantic comedy manga/anime (especially the one with title lovely complex if you know that //wiggle eyebrows)
- being alone
- short skirts
- showing her legs
- get yelled
- milk
- tickles
- her height
- broccoli
- stage fright

Kind || Naive || Crybaby || Shy || Quiet || Patient || Strong-willed  || Stubborn ||  Delicate || Obedient || Polite

Setsuna is a kind person and a good listener, she's always been polite genuinely cares for others well being. She's been living a sheltered life being friends with only her brother's friend and her neighbour, she doesn't really know how to deal with a new person. She won't start conversations unless it is really necessary. When someone try to talk to her, she will tries to cover her face with something or look down and avoid eye contacts. Furthermore, she will be direct to the point once she starts to speak. It's fairly hard to keep a conversation going with her as she took her time to answer and with all stutters most of the time might annoy someone instead. However, despite all the difficulties, she is really trying her best to overcome her shy attitude little by little.

She is also a crybaby when it comes to being physically hurt and also when she attract unwanted attention and don't know how to response. But when she is being bullied she will try to hold her tears and soon will find another place to hide. She likes to bottled up and not really open up about how she feels to others, she used to keep it all to herself and it becomes her bad habit.Yet, Setsuna is also a strong willed person when she has decide the goal to be aimed she is determined to achieve it no matter what.

Because what she's been going through in the past she becomes really shy and lacks any desire to stand out, but her tall build doesn't really help her to hide from unwanted attention.

Setsuna has been a good obedient girl ever since she was a kid. She has a half older brother who she's been looking out for. When she was a kid, her own big brother hated her and kept yelling at her as he envied her having both her mother and father by her side who pampered and really doting. The little Setsuna still doesn't understand why he bullied her, but as she grew up, she came to understand him and considered herself to be lucky person having her birth mother by her side. In her elementary school Setsuna always been this kid who is taller than others. She is really popular and liked by some of the boys this makes her hated by the girls eventually some kids start bad mouthing her and the other kids follow along with it to avoid trouble. The one guy she get along with and really liked also start bullying her. Setsuna is really good in hiding the fact of being bullied in school but she cannot hide it from her brother when neighbor kids start bullying her. She thought her brother will just let those kids bad mouthing her but instead he came to the rescue even though he doesn't like her. This makes Setsuna happy and she became fond of him as she doesn't have someone to be friends with. Even though her brother keep brushing her off, she doesn't give up to get along with him. She constantly got attached to him and her brother slowly get softer to her.

She's been all alone in school ever since, the bullying become lesser but still she is keep being ignored all the time and try to avoid trouble she tried to retreat from making more friends, eventually her presence in class became so weak, people barely notice her and nowshe has problem to start conversation with others. She has spent her time singing all by herself and it calms her. She (autodidact) learns how to play piano as well even though she is not really good with it. As she grew up Setsuna never really made friends her age, instead she befriended with her brother's friends instead who likes to visit their home and she's get along really well with a deaf girl next to her house. Setsuna only have small number of friends but she felt really grateful.

One time when she entered middle school she finally able to meet with her brother's other sister (as his parents divorced and his mother remarried), her name is Erika she is unexpectedly cheerful and get along with people easilly. Setsuna get along with her really fast and Erika tells her dream of becoming a singer. Setsuna was encouraged by Erika to pursue that same dream. Those sisters although not related by blood finally make an oath to become idols. And that's how she apply for Kokone-Academy in pursue of her new found dream.

- play piano/keyboard (she is not really good with it though)
- she used to play basketball but she worries that she will get taller than she already is, so she choose volleyball instead coz she think she won't get into regular /laff
- she sometimes sneak in school gym and play basketball by herself when no one’s around
- She loves feeding birds
- she will hide somewhere when she started to sing (usually practice in school roof or school backyard, mostly under the table though)
- when she was forced to sing in front of people she will usually hide under table and sing
- she always bring and use an umbrella. She use it to hide herself back in the old days and somehow she get fond of it and collect many kinds of umbrella.
- when people start greeting her she is really excited at heart but doesn’t know what to do after that.
- she can not stand still when sing, her hands will start moving around and get her feet involved most of the time.
- she was bullied by the guy who likes her when she was a kid unfortunately she likes that same kid before he start bullying her
- Setsuna is extremly dumb when it comes to academics, she usually has a red mark and sometimes barely pass. Instead Setsuna is really good in sports and art.
- she will be look like Kuroko when she play basketball //NO

“nnhhhh.............” (I should say something) :iconuhuhuhuplz:


Mother: Fujiwara Ayana
Father: Fujiwara Hayato
Brother: Fujiwara Alto
Sister: Tsuyoshi S. Erika

RP info:
RP methods: skype > LINE > comments > chatroom (barely there coz of timezone problem)
Type: Lit, script
MH-Kazehana Reina
for :iconmaharu-high: I just hope I got accepted //laze.
I duuno why currently my laptop wont let me load deviantart...

Name: Kazehana Reina         
Year: 2nd year
Age: 16
Birth date: 4th April 
Height: 160
Sport: Track
Club: cooking club


friendly | responsible | kind | Obedient |clumsy | pessimist | impatient

Reina likes to befriend with a lot of people, putting up a smile on her face she treats them equally and respect them. She is also a girl who likes to help people and cannot actually refuse them. When she was asked to do one job by others she make sure to do it perfectly and finish it, she always finish her school homework and do her school project even though she is not a really bright when it comes to study she usually has the average score in her study, in exception for science where she usually got red marks.  

Reina was once a dreamer, she sets a lot of goals in order to achieve her dream but once reality catching up on her she starts questioning them all and she becomes more realistic and pessimist towards her own dream. She is having a tough time throughout her physical therapy she was impatient to work on rehabilitation and she pushed herself by keep working on her running and jumping in secret which makes it worse. Now Reina needs to came to terms with her condition and needs to move on in which she try to figure out how to do it.

Reina was born and raised in city of Saitama by a loving family. As a kid she’s always been a cheerful little girl who always clings to her big brother. She usually spends her holiday in Yanagawa, visiting her grandparents. Meanwhile her father is busy with his job out of town and her mother as a kindergarten’s teacher in the neighborhood, she doesn’t feel lonely as she spends most of her time with her older brother.

Reina shows her love and passion in track and field especially high jump. She has been discipline and committed at an early age she sets a lot of goals aiming to make a living out of sports. She was a dreamer. Unfortunately, Reina was born with Haglund’s heel which resulted in an irritation of her Achilles. With repetitive jumping and running it start to put a lot of strain on her Achilles and she starts to feel unbearable pain. She needs to have a surgery to remove the complications. At first she was scared and hesitant of the impact of the surgery on her as an athlete but she understands that she won’t be able to do track if she didn’t have the surgery. Taking the risk, she accepts the surgery in hope for a better future. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to the plan. She wasn’t able to walk properly for relatively long time. Reina was very depressed and she starts questioning her life as a sportswoman.

She was in a very dark place, thus her family decide it is better for her to start a new life and it would be much better if she’s surrounded by her dear family so they decide to move to Yanagawa with their grandparents. Her mother quit her job and now helping their family flower farm. Starting her life in new place her mother push her to start new things and help her to move on. Reina end up helping deliver local flowers from her family’s farm to the villages flower shop on her free time.

She is currently in rehabilitation and there’s a big chance that she may never fully regain her range of movement and speed after the surgery, but still starting her high school life in Yanagawa she could not let go her love in sports and immediately join track club and yet she never once showing up her face in that club and end up a member in name only for a whole year. If she cannot go back to track She hopes one day she could find something she truly passionate about.

+ Sunflowers, cute bento, sports, running, High Jump, Onsen, frog, strawberry Milk
- house chores, rainy season, wasabi, natto, supplementary class, cigarettes
- She’s still having her physical therapy weakly

- Reina loves to make a cute bento thus she joins cooking club though her real motive is to avoid going home early and its house chores

- She is not good with technology and she has a lot of typos when writes a message

- Reina loves strawberry milk and always drink it when she eats her bento

- She always brings a cute colorful band aids

- Reina likes to cook but she cannot clean fish and thus cutting herself a lot of time.

- She lives with her mother, father, older brother and her grandparents in a traditional house.

- Her family has their own flower farm and Reina helping deliver local flowers from her family’s farm to the villages flower shop on her bike

- She’s giving her yellow bike a name and it is ‘keroberos’ (because she’s a fan of cardcaptor sakura, obviously)


- Kazehana Ren - Father

- Kazehana Ruka - Mother

- Kazehana Rio – Big brother

Watercolor: NaruHina
Well stalka did this watercolor for Artisari-chan's NaruHina challenge in tumblr…
After several months finished with the line, finally i got the courage to start coloring them near the deadline lol. Well Stalka is quite satisfied with how Stalka color Hinata's hair lol I thought I can't do it at all //laff 
I only have one brush urghh. I need to buy another smaller size :iconlazeplz: 

you can see another entries by other amazing artist here -->…

Naruto and Hinata are own by Kishimoto-sensei plz 
Art is by :iconda-stalka: 

Here is another NaruHina fanart by me


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