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November 29, 2013
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AF: Tohru by da-stalka AF: Tohru by da-stalka

new design Tohru Revamp by da-stalka
"let's send them off to the other side with a smile"

Name: Tōru (Strong Light)
Nickname: Ruu-kun (for close friend and those who manage to get her real name)
Alias: garfield :iconplak3plz:
Age:  17
Gender:  fe male
Height/Weight:163 cm / 49kg
Birthday: 6 October
Hometown: TBA

Species: orange tabby cat
Occupation:  mercenary

Alliances: The ‘Lost’ ones
Title: member  
Town/City: Former Elite, now The Capital City of Wasteland/’Junkyard‘

sadist | like to tease | liar | stubborn | dense | idiot | reckless| prideful | emotional |
is it me or does it sounds more like a tsundere?  :iconotlplz:

Likes and Dislike:
+ milk
+ food and cake
+ stronger people
+ interesting people
+ pranks (mostly flirt with the girls) :iconotlplz:
+ shower
+ secretly like cute things except for clothes
+ cool fashion
+ gun is her porn :iconplak4plz:
+ grab y’all tail :iconimsopervyplz:

- cooking
- attention
- cannot resist cute things :iconthisisawfulplz: (coz she always try her best to remain calm and resist when she;s faced with something really adorkable)
- swimming
- people think she is weak
- being protected
- flirty guy

Strength:  Agility | Perception

Speciality Skill:
•  Sneak
•  Lockpick

Weakness: Luck | Charisma | blind spot on her right eye

Entity/weapon:  Dual gun (short-mid range) >>> with her speed and the use of agility and sneak as her special skill, she approach her enemies and fights short-mid range, although she has a blind spot and actually put her in a risk for having a short range attack. She is having a hard time when fight in the long range as she have the habit not to aim her target and do missed a lot.  

Additional Perks:
•  Fast Shot
•  Small Frame

When Tōru was 6 years old, she was caught up in a large fire that happened in their parents laboratory. There are only several casualties, and her parents and brother are survive from the fire, but little Tōru receive the burn scar on the right side of her face and has caused her blindness on her right eye. Being a little girl she is, she’s been really ashamed of her scar, she refuse to go outside of the house and been locked herself in. The only person she’s been able communicate with is no one other than her own family, especially her brother.
Years has passed, eventhough she’s rarely to go outside, she never been lonely and was actually happy to spend her life inside the house until there was a sudden change on their parents, the loving father and mother they once have, starts being abusive toward her brother. The twins never knows that their parents having such a big debt, beside the arson that happened really cost them a fortune. Being cornered with their condition, their parents can not do nothing beside accepting the term condition given by the army.
The constant abuse started, Tomoya has been in so much pain, until it is the time to torment his little sister, Toru. Tomoya plead to his parents not to torment her and he will accept any kind of abuse and won’t resist. From that day, whenever  her mother did miserable things toward her brother, Tōru  has been locked inside her room, and only able to hear the scream of pain from outside.Being beaten up, Tomoya has injuries all over his body. Tōru only able to take care of her brother’s injuries and comfort him every day. It might be unfair to her brother and really selfish of her, but she always believed that their loving parents will come back someday.  
One day, an army came to their house, their parents told the twins to hide somewhere. The twins secretly hiding and watch all the things thathas been going on, they saw their parents get killed. After killing their parents, the man from the army start searching all over the place for them. Tomoya carried her and ran toward the Wasteland. Only several days has passed since the death of their parents and they experienced the bom bon wasteland. The girl and her twins survived somehow and turn into a kemonomimis. Being haunted by the incident of her parents, she also come to realize that only the stronger who will survive. She told her brother not to worry her and that she will grow stronger. Ever since that day she throws away her life as a woman and life as a man instead and also she start to trained herself and will do anything in order to survive.

- Tomoya: "don't you dare teasing him! I'm the only one who can tease him
her twins brother, is one of the person she really care the most in the world
- Touma:
torus cousin another person she care about and being nice to
- and more TBA

Extras (Additional Information):
- her name is Tōru and yup, it’s a man’s name :iconlalalaplz:
- if she going outside in order to do her job as a mercenary, she wears bandage to cover her scar. (she still can’t handle how people look at her scar)
- she becomes a mercenary in order to get the chance of getting an adventure and gain experience and polishing her skill in order to survive in the Wasteland
- throw away her life as a woman (coz she thinks womans are weak creature who just need man’s help//she lacks of intteligence okay :iconmingcryplz: ) and life as a man eversince, and because of her appearance, not many people know that he is actually a she
- the people who just met her always refer Tōru as a dude (he)

;v; feel free to talk and rp with her... she is baka but I hope she will have a friend here ;v;

if you want to rp you can note me, or comment here, sometimes maybe in chatroom (although maybe won't see people there coz my timezone otl), and if you would like on skype, just ask :iconpandarunplz:
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Si' : *touch her tail*

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whaaa don't squeeze mah baby
your bby is much more adorbs than mine you should squeezed him instead :iconimadplz: // //take ur baby and put him inside my closet plz

toru: eeek!! *surprised as her tails' touched*:iconehwhatblushplz: //look behind and found another orange lil guy// do... don't touch.... my tails... it feels.... weird :icongyaa3plz:


muahahaha let's rp I'm open up for rp anytime you want~
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Gurincchi Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Si' : *release it* but i like tail,................ *silent* :iconflusteredplz:
ohh i have skype,, <33 but i like using line more do you have line ?
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toru: I.... I like tail too... so how about this... you can touch mine, and I can touch yours :iconmingthinkplz:

aduh hape saya jadul gag isa pake line :iconmingcryplz: cuma isa watapp hikz
Gurincchi Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ohh yess like cat fur *stare :iconheplz:

si' : tail,......... yes--
i don't mind,, *start rubing toru tail* //wait

anda indoo astaga ini penipuann penipuaannnn kembalikan ke virginankuu *salah
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