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HQ-Ken: Futaba Yousuke by da-stalka HQ-Ken: Futaba Yousuke by da-stalka

oc baby actually from love story of mine and I really love his personality so stalka gonna use him in rp group :iconhaikyuu-ken: stalka totally want to rp with all of you Hope he got accepted and make several enemies :iconpandarunplz:

I'm totally excited with this group. it's rare for Stalka to finish app fast usually submit 1 day before deadline //shot

and guess what.... Stalka never thought this piccu  Haikyuu-Ken Yousuke by da-stalka would be use as BG and it's totally fit in for the app it's like he throw that ball for real aasdafgha //shotdead//


Yousuke’s Self Introduction

Yousuke: "Chiwassu!!! (ちわっす)! Futaba Yousuke desu~ Dozo Yoroshiku~ If you are a girl please don’t get over friendly by calling my first name, If you are a dude than you’re my man~ I’m seventeen years old healthy boy, lead a happy life and it would be perfect if I don’t have sisters at home. I hope they get married fast and get out*pray* . Hmmm and what to share about myself.... *think* It’s a matter of taste but I personally think I’m handsome. So don’t fall for this face, girlzzzz. I don’t want troubles!!  A little heads up, my personality is bad to the core and I don’t have any intention to change. That’s all and Ciaooo!!"


Name: Futaba Yousuke                                                       Nicknames: Futaba, You-kun, You-senpai, Yousuke
Gender: Male                                                                       D.O.B/Age: 17 / 25th November (Sagittarius)
Nationality: Japanese                                                         Blood Type: B        
Height: 6'13" / 187 cm                                                        Weight: 165.3 lbs / 75 kg
School /Year: Yamakiri Danshi Gakuen /3rd Year               Position / Number: Wing Spiker / TBA
Voice:… (obviously the dude's voice)    
Theme Song:… coz he always get lost and doesn't make sense //shot


Power            : 2/5                 Jumping        : 1/5                 Stamina    : 2/5
Game Sense    : 4/5               Technique     : 5/5                 Speed      : 1/5

Strengths    :

- Master basic skills:  He was beach volley player makes him an all rounder player. With this background it helps him having a decent skills in blocking. And good skills at defending, serving, and attacking.
- Excellent precisions: He is good at spiking or aiming the ball in hard zones with his excellent precision in which to get good precision he lacks in power
- Intelligence and good decision maker: He is good at adapting to the flow of the game. With his intelligence and his good observation, he is a player who usually coming up with strategies and game plan. He tends to analyze and exploit his opponent’s weakness, using deception and tricks he got on his sleeves to annoy and destroying his opponent’s pace
- Good mentality: He has good control of his mental state and it’s hard to break his mentality, because he knows exactly his weaknesses and understand really well that he won’t be able to win by himself with good technique makes him not easily get provoke by enemies.

Weaknesses    :

- Bad communication skills: He expect people to understand what he’s thinking, what kind of ball he wants, he doesn’t want to waste the time for explaining his strategy unless someone ask, He feels responsible at the ball coming to his area and expect no one coming in and get in the way with him for getting the ball (he would like to minimize the risk of bumping people and injuries to himself).
- Poor Jump and speed: He has weak jump and slower reaction in catching up with a fast attack. Instead he use intelligence to cover up his weaknesses and coming up with ideas.
- Lack of Power and Stamina: He never have intention to improve his power since it will altered his precision and he doesn’t add more stamina since he is more into conserving energy. But this is also the biggest problem he has, He would having problem if he have to play 3 set. And also with consecutive game he plays, he usually in a top form at the beginning of the first and second tournament. As he keep winning he usually bound to break at the last tournament.  
- Arrogant: He can easily break if he call for the ball and he doesn’t get what he wants. He believes he makes a better decision than the setter and his choice will have a bigger probability of get a score than a risky call. He totally doesn’t like the idea of exploiting decoy since they would take the spotlight from him//killed. He is also having a set of rules he will kept in which when he is training, He wouldn’t add more practice hours no matter what. He wouldn’t want to risk an injury from practicing too much and prefer to rest and cool down.


Yousuke is a tall player with good build. He also good looking person who always smile and looks really laid back. He has little scar which give a little cut on the left eyebrow. Yousuke also has short light blonde spiky hair use too much gel//shot he sticks them up and make it spiky while on the side of the hair are neatly comb to the back. He shave the back of his head in which it has the color of brown. He always wear his necklace except when practicing and play in the tournament. He also put his glasses on the pocket of all time instead of wearing it. For practice he always wearing his prescription sport glasses. And he only use his glasses when he read or studying in class.


Perceptive || Tactless || Blunt || Confident || Strict || Reliable || Intelligent || Stubborn || Self-centered || Arrogant || Unpredictable || Shameless
Ever since he was a child, Yousuke is known to be a popular guy (in negative way). He got a good look, good build, talented but he is extremely well known for his bad personality and nasty character. He would act differently towards men and women. He has several habits and quirks that are not very like-able and people find it weird, creepy, disgusting, pervy, etc. Some of them are;
- Toward the person he likes, he gives underwear or swimsuit (mostly underwear though) as birthday present //BRICKED,
- He likes to put both of his hands under some dude's armpits (like Hiroomi//laff),
- He likes to hug guys and sniff them,
- He usually found talking with stray cats,
- He is unable to take advice from anyone, unless you are completely being rational and close enough with him, he might consider it,
- He always raise his chin when he faced with girls
- etc.

Most of the time, he has a very laid back personality, often goofing and joking around, he would also be seen with a smile on his face and laugh a lot. However if the situation calls for it he can be very serious, he is actually a reliable person who would take initiatives to improve himself and the team. With his confidence attitude and his bluntness, he would use provocative method to motivate his comrades (which makes people hate him)

Despite his bad personality and image, Yousuke is a perceptive individual, he is good at understanding and figuring out how people act differently. He is a good listener but he's lacking of sensitivity. He never been good at giving advice and comfort people, he tends to states the truth and being blunt expressing what he's thinking. Despite being tactless, there are several things that he cannot handle with, especially if someone dear to him were having trouble and has that gloomy face on them he would break the silence and annoy those people instead (Several times he kissed his male friends because he doesn't know how to handle the situation and hoping his action would annoy him and makes him forget about the trouble even just for a short time)


Yousuke is the youngest child in his family. He has one big brother and three older sisters. The large gap between them make them have vary kind of relationship between siblings. And he is not the fan of it, his siblings tease him a lot and play pranks on him. Among his siblings he is really close with the eldest brother even though they are 13 years old apart and his brother start living on his own after graduate high school which still occasionally coming back home time to time. Being the only man in the house and also the youngest he always hear the constant nagging from his sisters whether about school or love life. He was forced to hear their story but when he give his honest feedback, they kicked him since he is too blunt. That’s how Yousuke ordinary days at home.

From Yousuke’s appearance and his personality he looks exactly like a violent type but he was actually an indoor person who enjoys reading and take his study seriously. Yousuke being an indoor person is getting more worse since he is never been good with direction. Whenever he go outside the house he always getting lost all the time and that’s how he refused to play outside. His mother were worried with him and told his sister to take care of him and make him having balance in both indoor and outdoor activities. In which it end up with volleyball was introduced by his oldest sister to him. He was forced to help his sister practice beach volleyball instead of indoor one. Play with teams of two player with his best friend, Hiro, he slowly learning all the basic skills from serving, blocking, defending and attacking which makes him into an all around player. From his competitiveness of not want to lose to his sister, he’s gotten serious into mastering volleyball from his elementary days.

He starts play indoor volley when he went to junior high and join the school team. His junior team was a new team, with a young coach, and it was always lack of players. He was unable to decide the position he wants to play since he’s been playing with only two people. Being one of the shortest player and his volleyball experience, he was given the position of libero at the beginning (he is a late-bloomer) and it makes him good in defense. Once he suddenly growing and keep getting taller the coach decide to change the libero. With lack of player all of the team member was expect to learn each position in case of someone subbed out of the game. With experiment, his coach make him tried all kinds of position but he was not real fitted into it. As a setter, he has a good decision making for considering opponent’s defense and instead he makes a hard call for his own team mate. and that’s how he banned to become a setter for lives. As a blocker, he is good at read blocking but too lazy and conserve energy too much and doesn’t bother with consecutive chasing of opponent’s spiker. His coach feel helpless, and really want to throw him to play back as libero despite his height but he is unexpectedly fitted in to become a spiker with his evil personality and his creative trick to annoy his opponent. Since that moment he focus to specialize and polish his skill as spiker.

In the third year of junior high his team become a black horse after they spend 3 years to hone the players. Although with tough training, they still lost in the final and fail to go to the national. Being devastated about this, he wants to continue volleyball in high school and participate in national one day. Yousuke with determination of playing to national and want to compete with his best friend, choose a different high school from him. He choose to join in the Yamakiri Danshi Gakuen only for simple reason, because it has a volley team and it’s an all boys school and he wants to spend his wonderful three years minimizing social interaction with girls as much as possible and smelling boys odor//whutt.  

Likes (+) Dislikes (-)

+ Boys, Boys, and More Boys
+ stray animals especially stray cats
+ anything includes Strawberry (strawberry parfait, strawberry milk, ice cream, etc), banana, Pizza, Bubblegum, Ramen (he usually go to his besties ramen resto)
+ when his best friend wear pink strawberry boxer he gave them //SHOTDEAD
+ reading books
+ history
+ playing pranks
+ tattoo
+ heroes
+ dragon ball, doraemon
+ game
+ singing and screaming
+ rap music
- girls, clingy girls, more girls
- horror, ghost stuff
- crybaby
- his sisters
- shaving
- injury
- hospital
- perfume
- complains
- map
- wasabi
- people who skips class //laff
- fights (but he is usually the reason it started)

Additional Information

- He has a bad sense of direction, he will certainly get lost in new place. It would takes time for him to get used to his area without get lost. that’s why he usually gone before tournament and barely made it
- He has utmost respect to his mother.
- He acts differently toward boys and girl. He treat girl with cruelty and for boys he is friendly in the most creepiest way.
- For his high school he is determined to prioritize volley than his study. Which resulted to his score drop but still in his acceptable standard. He would go back focusing on his study once he retired from the team.
- He spend his holiday working in his sister cafe was forced to earn more allowance
- His father was a novelist and that’s what makes him love books.  
- He wears his glasses when he reads and in the class only and wear sport glasses when he got club activities.
- His necklace is an important object for him.
- He consider to get tattoo once he graduate from highschool and currently still thinking of a design and where it will be
- His bestfriend, Hiro is somehow his driver and usually the one responsible to find him if he gets lost. Since he is no longer around he needs someone to replace hiro temporarily
- When Yousuke decide to go to different school. Hiro worries he wouldn’t be able to arrive at school and forever wonder in strange places.
- When he is in junior, he adopted a stray cat which is not exactly the thing he usually do.
- His cat name is Bunta. and it looks fat and ugly
- The only woman he is able to get along with despite his mother is a girl name Setsuna
- His orientation is..... it's a secret for now :iconpervheplz: //BRICKED
- Yousuke always do the same routine in the morning in front of the mirror. You's hair by da-stalka



Futaba Komari (54) – Mother
Futaba Youichi – Father (Deceased)
Futaba Ichirou (30)– Brother
Harada Sakiko (25)– Sister
Futaba Momo (22)– Sister
Futaba Miwa (21)– Sister
Harada Shinji (29) – Brother in law


  •  Aikawa Hiro: His bestfriend, they know each other since they were in kindergarten, They always hang out together. Since elementary until Junior high, Hiro always pick Yousuke from his house and he ride bicycle to school while Yousuke only sitting in the back with police officer who chasing them for breaking the rules ((stalka totally plan to use him as the second chara if it's possible in the near future :iconplak3plz: ))
  • Fujiwara Alto:They are in the same class at 5th grade. Yousuke being mean to this new transfer student. And Alto suddenly punch Yousuke in the face and put a big fight. (Yousuke is obviously loose). They were not getting along at first but as time passes by they become best buddies. and Yousuke steal his first kiss
  • Fujiwara Setsuna: Yousuke who becomes friend with Alto eventually meet his little first he think Setsuna merely as his friend’s little sister and totally the type of girl he doesn’t like. But see how her brother treats her coldly, reminds him about himself as the youngest child. They’re not close at first and barely talk. But as they know each other for years and begin opening up to one another. They gotten closer and they establish a close relationship. Which mistaken by people and  thought they were dating. Which they’re not.   
  • Kunieda Akari: The transfer student when He is in 5th grade. She is mute and Yousuke is being blunt and mean as usual telling the truth to her that the reason the class progress slowly is because of her fault. He never apologize to her since what he is saying is the truth. But after a fight with his classmate. Yousuke goes with a solution by having a group study and teaching her study. And it becomes a win win solution for everybody.
  • Ogawa Jin: Police officer who always chasing Hiro and Yousuke since they always riding bicycle together. And he also the one who usually take care of Yousuke when he get lost in neighborhood. 
  •  add more from RP feel free to know him QAQ though he might gets on your nerve if you're a gurl


OC and art by :iconda-stalka:

feel free to rp with him through comments, chatroom (barely there coz of timezone problem) or skype just ask me and I will tell you

drawing tools:
- Pencil 2B
- mouse genius
- Photoshop CS6

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